(Español) Observatorio del Odio (ODO)

(Español) Observatorio del Odio (ODO)


Inmaculada Yuste Martínez 

Inmaculada Yuste Martínez has been working since 2011 in the framework of European and H2020 projects on Terrorism and Organized Crime. Since 2016 she has been a Project Evaluator for the Spanish and Maltese Erasmus National Agencies. She currently combines her position of Arqus Project Officer at the University of Granada with her PhD focused on the field of public international law and the Rights of Children in conflict, her work being carried out has a perspective of International Relations and Human Rights, non- state actors and extraterritorial jurisdiction. She also is currently part of the reviewer’s pool of Alternative Journal of SAGE:


Jusaima Moaid-azm Peregrina

Jusaima Moaid-azm Peregrina is a professor and researcher at the University of Granada in the Department of International Public Law and International Relations. She teaches Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Systems, and Regional Dynamics in the Middle East. She is a project technician in the Research and Projects Department of the Euro-Arab Foundation. She holds a Master’s degree in International and European Studies, and has graduated in Political Science and Administration and Law. Her research focuses on peace and conflicts, processes of political change, international mediation, civil society, and women’s political participation within the framework of the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda. She has acquired regional experience in North Africa and the Middle East, primarily in the conflicts of Syria, Libya, and Yemen. She has several publications in impactful journals and has directed the project “Women, Peace, and Security Agenda: The Participation of Women in Yemen, Libya, and Syria,” funded by the Seminars for Peace Research Foundation.